Easy Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners


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As a guitarist with over 20 years experience I hope to be able to pass on all that I’ve learned to those just getting started with guitar. It is truly a special instrument and a skill and passion that will last you a life time.

There’s no better way to relax than to get out your axe and bust out some tunes! The best part is that you only have to learn a handful of chords to get started and you’ll be able to play thousands of songs!

No doubt you’ve already stumbled upon the many other guitar training websites available online such as Ultimate Guitar. While they can be a great resource they tend to be a bit intimidating for the new guitar player.

With that in mind, I started this website and hope to build it up to become the go-to site for newbies. Until then, enjoy the ride and to get you in the mood, here’s a great solo from my fave guitarist, Joe Satriani!

Playing a guitar can be so much fun whether it is for rocking out or in a calm plucking progression. However, most people can be overwhelmed when they see someone playing a guitar. Those who want to learn the instrument may be intimidated by the variety of songs it can play. In addition, some may have second thoughts about having a beginner’s lesson because they might think it is too late to study it.

Quick and Easy Online Lessons

If you are not guided properly, learning to play your guitar can be stressful. With all the plucking techniques and chord sequences, this instrument is as versatile as it gets. Lucky for you, the Internet can be a great tool in studying how to play this instrument. There are varieties of online guitar lessons that will definitely make your learning process easy and fun.

Online Lessons Versus Personal Guitar Tutors

Online lessons and personal guitar tutors have their respective pros and cons. They offer students different kinds of approaches and teaching methods. Your choice will be contingent to your preference as well as which one is more convenient.

Personal guitar tutors offer a hands-on teaching style. They will correct and supervise every detail to make sure you are learning the right way. Since they are professionals, they can address and rectify any mistakes that you commit. However, these tutors are still human, which is why they are prone to being impatient and angry. These human traits may discourage a student. In addition, hiring a professional guitar instructor can be expensive.

In the case of online lessons, students will benefit from a detailed and step-by-step video instruction. This method allows the learner to fast forward as well as rewind the video to review each lesson. Through an online lesson, students can teach themselves how to play a guitar at their own pace.

The Benefits of Online Guitar Training

Many people cannot afford to concentrate on their hobbies fully because of other important matters such as their work and career. They cannot go to a music school because most of them have no extra time to spare. However, the emergence of many online guitar lessons has made it easier for guitar enthusiasts to pursue it.

These are the most important benefits of online guitar training.

• The lessons are free. Most online guitar tutorials are free. These tutorials can be downloaded from different websites. Students can also view and watch them online.

• They let you learn at your own pace. Online tutorials let students learn on their own and at their own time. This way, they will not feel rushed or pressured. They can simply re-watch the video to review what they have studied and move on to the next lesson.

• They are affordable. Compared to hiring a guitar teacher, virtual guitar tutorials are relatively cheap. Since most of the videos are free, you only have to worry about your electricity bills.

• They offer convenience. Students can now enjoy studying the guitar because of virtual guitar classes in the comfort of their own homes. Those who are too busy to attend a music class can now learn the instrument because all they have to do is turn their personal computers on and study the videos.

• They are effective and efficient. One of the reasons why many beginners seek the help of online lessons is their effectiveness and efficiency. They work because they offer a variety of video demos, downloadable sheet music and lesson plans. These materials aim to aid the improvement and development of each student when it comes to playing the guitar.

• They save traveling time. Through video tutorials, students can now concentrate on perfecting their skills. Instead of travelling to a music school, they can just enjoy their time studying their lessons.

• They allow you to improve constantly. Since these tutorials are within their reach, students can now study the instrument daily. They can improve their skills through constant training.

Practice Makes Perfect!

No person is born with an ability to play a guitar. It is all about having the right guidance and continuous practice. The instrument is all about constant learning because no two songs or chords are the same. No matter what styles of playing you choose, you are only as good as the time you invest and dedicate to your goals. Whether you choose to be a rock star or a classical player, you will hone your skills through practice. Rehearsal is the key to play your guitar successfully.